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rephorm Steckling_Cube

The new Steckling Cube.

The original cubic railing planter by rephorm. Fits perfectly to a modern architecture.

49.00 *

rephorm Eckling

Eckling, the world's only planter for railing corners is simply hooked onto the balcony railing.

Made in Germany

89.00 *

rephorm bloomball

bloomball - the original ball-shaped railing planter by rephorm.

Design: Michael Hilgers

Made in Germany

45.00 *

rephorm balKonzept railing table

balKonzept is a compact balcony hanging table with integrated planter. It is simply hooked onto the railing.

128.00 *
128.00 €

rephorm windowgreen

windowgreen: The innovative flowerbox for the window sill. No drilling necessary, no screws.

89.00 *
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rephorm Steckling Duo

The original railing planter by rephorm in a double-pack.

Designed in Berlin / made in Germany.

109.00 / 2 piece(s) *

rephorm birdball


This design birdfeeder is simply hooked onto the balcony-railing.

Made in Germany

45.00 *

rephorm balconismo

balconismo: The innovative big plantbox for balcony railings with integrated water reservoir

99.00 *
99.00 €
In stock


dialounge Communication-Chaiselongue.

Exclusively at rephormhaus!

Design: Michael Hilgers

Made in Germany

399.00 *
Delivery weight: 30 kg
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